Techno Jashan 2018
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Carrom board

Carrom is a tabletop game. It is between billiards and table shuffleboard. Carrom is known by many names around the world, including carrum, couronne, carum, karam, karom, karum, fatta (Punjabi) and finger billiards. The game started in India or Sri Lanka. Formal rules for the game were not written until 1988. The game is played in many countries across the world. It is played for fun and as a competitive sport. The competitive sport is organised by the International Carrom Federation. Carrom uses simple equipment which lets many people play. There is a version of the game that uses cue sticks .


Entry fee will be 100 per person.
Event will start at 9:00 AM sharp ..its compulsory to all the student to attend the event.
Cash prize will be 3000 rupees.
Minimum entry will be 25.



  • Gurzina Arora


Event coordinator



Techno Jashn 2018